About us

Company overview

Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1998 by Mr. Shrikant Sahasrabudhe and Mrs. Madhura Sahasrabudhe.

The turnover of the first year was just 34,000 USD.

The company has successfully grown since then and has carved its name in the field of flow meter manufacturing.

Presently the company owns a land of 35000 Sq.Ft. and working area about 30,000 Sq.ft.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Manas is having a yearly capacity to manufacture products of international repute as below:
    • 1200 Electromagnetic flow meters,
    • 500 Steam flow meters,
    • 800 Thermal Mass flow meters,
    • 500 BTU meters,
    • 500 Ultrasonic Flow meters,
  • We have adequate machinery and calibration facilities for manufacturing all above and are expanding further.
  • We have two moderate size liquid calibration labs covering flow range of 300 LPM to 1200 M3/hr.
  • We also have one Air/Gas flow calibration lab with a capacity to calibrate from 300 LPM to 1700 Nm3/hr.
  • Principle of calibration that we follow: For Liquids: Gravimetric method as per ISO 4185-1980 and for Gas Flow by means of Critical flow Venturi Nozzles. Standard applicable: DS/EN/ISO 9300.
  • QMS Accreditation standard applicable to our calibration laboratory is ISO 17025-2017
  • Our products are compliant to EMI/EMC as per EN61326-1-2013
  • Our Quality Management System is accredited to ISO 9001-2015

Why Us

  • We, at Manas, started operations in the year 1998, with the passion to develop reliable and accurate flowmeters made in India. The flowmeters were mostly imported in those days & no Indian manufacturer had the technology required for it.
  • We successfully developed many products such as Electromagnetic flow meters, BTU Meters, Heat meters, Thermal Mass flow meters, Differential pressure-based gas/steam flow meters with inbuilt pressure temperature compensation, and so on. We continue to introduce new technology from India even today with products like Oxygen flow meters, CNG flow meters, Compressed air flow meters to name a few.
  • Our Electromagnetic Flow Meters work at low conductivity applications for water, where many other flow meters do not work.
  • At Manas, we are committed to the specifications we declare. For example, when we declare a flow meter with an IP68 rating, it can indeed work underwater! We have demonstrated the customer the IP 68 rating by testing it at a 10-meter depth below water on the meter he/she is buying. (much better than what the standard calls for!)
  • Similar is the case of IP 67. Live electronics specified for IP 67 can be demonstrated by drowning it in water 1.0 meters below the surface of the water.
  • We are making every effort to make our products better and better. Every specification is decided with proper study. A classic example is liner hardness selection for abrasive materials in water. The hardness should be such that it will withstand abrasive particles such as quartz, silica, etc., while it should not become brittle in service. Ebonite is the most appropriate liner for this requirement and we use it in our Magnetic flow meters with appropriate hardness.
  • We take a test for non-contamination of radioactive particles/materials in all the metals we purchase. This is a very important test and only a select few good manufacturers conduct it.
  • We believe, once you are a Manas customer – always you will be a Manas customer. We not only provide good and prompt service but also give the right type of advice to our customers for installation, commissioning, and good maintenance practices for a long life of the products.
  • We always offer solutions fit for the application, thus saving a lot of money for our customers who otherwise would end up buying unnecessarily expensive solutions.