BTU Meter For Chiller Application

A BTU Meter to measure thermal energy in chilled water

BTU Meter for chiller comprises of accurately calibrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Pair of temperature sensors and Flow Transmitter with integral Energy computing capability unit to calculate Net Heat consumed.

The function of the chiller is to chill the water in the Air conditioning service. When the chilled water circulates through the AHU & comes back, its temperature rises, as it extracts the heat from the AHU. The chiller again chills this water & returns it to the AHU. BTU meter measures the heat energy extracted by the chiller, thus determining the total energy consumed by all the AHU’s.


  • Measurement of Thermal Power & Energy consumed through measurement of flow, a Temperature difference of Inlet & Outlet of the medium
  • Availability of display of Chilled Water flow, Power, Temperature, etc.
  • Data storage up to 1 year with hourly storage facility with real-time
  • Display of chilled water flow, power temperature available.
  • Choice of mounting either on the inlet or on the outlet as per site conditions.


  • Centralized air conditioning systems
  • Commercial enterprises- Air conditioning systems
  • Manufacturing businesses- HVAC applications
  • Office buildings- HVAC applications
  • Pharmaceutical Industry


  • BTU meters provide accurate measurements of the thermal energy consumed or generated, allowing for precise billing and cost allocation.
  • By tracking the thermal energy usage over time, BTU meters enable facility managers to monitor and analyze the performance of the chiller system
  • By comparing the quantity of thermal energy input with the quantity of cooling output, BTU meters can be used to confirm the effectiveness of a chiller system. This aids in evaluating the chiller’s performance and pointing out possible areas for improvement.

Product Details

Model BTU-100L
Application Industrial
Brand manas microsystems
Ingress Protection IP65
Power supply 85V to 265V AC, 50Hz, single-phase (Universal)
Dimension 220mm(L)x120mm(H)x90mm(D)
Display 16×2 LCD for total energy as well as instantaneous power
Comm port RS485, RS232 (Optional) with MODBUS RTU
Approx. readings 3000 for normal logging & approx. 5500 readings for extended logging
Unit KW or BTU / Hr configurable
Output 4-20 mA dc in max. 600 Ω load, Isolated, Proportional to Power


BTU meters are used in chiller applications to accurately measure the amount of cooling provided by the chiller system. This information is crucial for billing purposes, energy efficiency analysis, and system optimization.

In a chiller application, a BTU meter typically measures the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the chilled water loop, along with the flow rate of the water. Using these parameters, it calculates the amount of energy removed from the water by the chiller.

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