Capacitance Type Level Switch

Capacitance Type Level Switch

Manas makes LSC series level switches, based on the principle of measurement of capacitance. These can be widely used to sense the level of liquid at high temperatures, up to 140℃. These switches are available in different stem lengths of 50mm-350mm in steps of 50mm (Model LSC-02) and are suitable for the top as well as side mounting.


  • No moving parts and virtually infinite life.
  • Principle of operation- Detection of change in capacitance.
  • Compatible with corrosive liquids.
  • Option of food-grade stem available.
  • Option of Active High and Active Low output is available.
  • Very Low Power consumption.
  • Easy to install


  • In liquids and bulk solids, this is a cost-effective option for level monitoring and point level detection.
  • When hostile media and substantial build-up in liquids and solids are present, this product is used.
  • Reliable functioning in viscous medium and heavy build-up formations
  • Level measurement in small tanks
  • Level detection in silos, tanks, and bunkers
  • Suitable for conductive liquids. Works with low conductivity also.

Product Details

Service All types of conductive liquids compatible with SS and PTFE, having a conductivity of more than 5µs/cm
Stem Length Options 50mm – 350mmin steps of 50 mm
Diameter of Stem 6.2cm± 0.2mm
End Connections Threaded ½” NPT(M)Std. BSP on request
Material of Construction
                A)Housing Polyester (LSC-02) Aluminium Diecast, Flameproof Class IIA, and IIB (LSC-02 EX)
           B)Probe SS304 with PTFE Coating
   C)End Connection SS304std. SS316 on request
Max. Temp. of fluid 0-140℃ (in liquid condition only)
Ma. Operating ambient temp 0-60℃
Power Supply 24 v dc / 12 v dc
Ingress Protection IP 65
Enclosure Dimension (LSC-02) 110 mm(L) * 75mm(W) * 57mm(D)
Humidity 90% R.H. Max. non-condensing

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