IoT Based Flowmeter with Cloud Based Communication

IoT and cloud-based solutions that revolutionize flow measurement

Manas Microsystems is manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of various types of flow meters with IoT suits. We employ IoT gateway appropriate for remote automation and monitoring. This gateway could integrate smoothly with practically any sensor on the globe, collecting sensor data on a regular basis and exchanging it in real time with the cloud. It can be fully customized so that it can meet even the most intricate requirements by allowing us to incorporate ancillary add-ons.


  • Real time data visibility with real time alerts
  • Insight driven decision
  • Reduced operational downtime
  • Forecasting and predictive maintenance
  • Elimination of Transmission and distribution Loss
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Very simple to install, just plug and play


Following industries can find a lot of applications for this flow measurement technology.

  • Water flow monitoring
  • PLC monitoring
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water distribution networks in cities and towns
  • Industrial water distribution and control
  • Effluent monitoring


  • Real-time data visibility empowers professionals with actionable insights
  • Simplified installation and plug-and-play functionality
  • It enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime


An IoT-based flow meter is a device that measures the flow rate of liquids and leverages Internet of Things technology to transmit and receive data over the internet or a local network. This enables remote monitoring, control, and data analysis of flow-related parameters.

An IoT-based flow meter incorporates sensors to measure the flow of a substance. The data is then processed and transmitted to a central hub or cloud-based platform using IoT protocols. Users can access the data via a web-based interface or a dedicated application.

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