Mega Sroat-MS1010 ( DN400 To DN1600)

Series MEGA  SROAT is offering  large sized electromagnetic flow meters introduced by MANAS. The sizing ranges from 400mm diameter to 1600mm diameter. These flow meters are very accurate (Typically 0.5% of actual flow rate). Hard ebonite rubber lining makes these meters suitable for measurement of Raw Water containing even abrasive sand and quartz particles, mud etc. and still delivering long life. This Series is also suitable for sewage applications.

Applications :

1] Extremely useful for large water supply schemes.                              

2] Suitable for Sewage measurement.                                                       

3] Municipal Water measurement schemes.


  • Diameters available from DN400 to DN1000.(Higher Diameters on request)
  • Extremely suitable for very high flow rate, accurate water metering.
  • Available in Ebonite lining. Polyurethane on request possible.
  • High accuracy of measurement like 0.5%. of Reading compared to other types of meters in its class.
  • No Pressure Drop across the sensor, being full bore construction.
  • Long lasting Ebonite rubber lining gives long life of sensor.
  • End connection flanges as per customer’s Requirements.