Wafer Style Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Jal-oagh)

MANAS has introduced an economical series of E.M.F., considering water as the most important utility in any industry.

Applications :

  • Effluent Treatment :Untreated as well as Treated Effluent Water Measurement.
  • Sewage Treatment :Waste water measurement, Sludge measurement etc.
  • Water Supply Schemes :Raw water as well as treated water measurement.
  • In Boiler  :Boiler Feed Water Measurement.
  • Chemical Industries :Measurement of acidic & alkaline chemicals & slurries.

Principal advantages of JAL-OAGH :

  1. Small in size, Light in weight compared to other magnetic meters in its class
  2. Full bore electromagnetic flow meter with absolutely no restriction to flow
  3. Has a typical accuracy of ±0.5%.
  4. Measurement is independent of the velocity profile across the pipe. 
  5. Measurement results are independent of density, viscosity, pressure, temperature, solid impurities and   conductivity variations (above 5µ S/cm for MFT-01 & above 20 µS/cm for SJ-1101)