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We are one of the best leading manufacturer and supplier of gas flow meter and steam flow meter. We are engaged in imparting a various type of Flow Meters that is evolved using superior technology and satisfactory quality of raw material. These are available in various specifications to fulfill the requirements of various industrial applications.

GFM (Gas Flow Meter) series flow meter for measuring flow rates of Bio Gas, LPG, compressed air and other compressed gases. SFM (Steam Flow Meter) series flow meter for measuring flow rates of steam (saturated & superheated), mass flow rates of boiler feed water in closed pipes. The digital gas flow meter is suited for wide range of applications where affordability, reliability & ruggedness are of prime importance.

These comes with two versions which are as follows-


GFM (Gas Flow Meter) Series is most suitable for compressible fluids, Which are difficult to measure because of variations in their pressure & temperature.

SFM (Steam Flow Meter) series is most suitable in Chemical / Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and Fertilizers Sectors.

Steam Flow Meter (SFM-150)

Steam Flow Meter SFMc-150

Gas Flow Meter (GFM-150)

Gas Flow Meter

Orifice flow meter

Thermal Dispersion Mass Flowmeter, Series Scirocco 1000 

Thermal Mass Flow Meter