Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow meter, Series Scirocco 1000 

    The Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow meter, Series Scirocco 1000 measuring principle is based on the fact that heat is drawn from a heated body when a fluid flows past.

    Thermal Dispersion Mass Flowmeter contains two Platinum RTD temperature sensors for this purpose. One sensor measures the current fluid temperature as a reference. The second sensor is heated and has a constant temperature differential relative to the first sensor. When the flow of air/gas starts heat is taken away from the warmer sensor. The amount of heat taken away is having a direct relation with the mass velocity of the fluid.

    This eliminates the need for temperature and pressure compensation.
    Thermal Dispersion Mass Flowmeter, Series Scirocco 1000 is available with insertion probe type or Complete Spool type with proper end connection.
    Insertion probe can be installed directly on the pipe carrying compressed air, with the help of clamps supplied along with probe


    • Direct measurement of mass flow.
    • No pressure or temperature compensation required
    • 20:1 turndown.
    • Wireless data transfer possible. Remote readings available on wireless.
    • Pulse, milliamps and RS485 output for networking
    • Specification:



    Model No.Scirocco 1000-1 & Scirocco 1000-2
    Scirocco 1000-1Sensor and transmitter, can be
    mounted directly on service pipe just
    by drilling holes with clamps provided.
    Scirocco1000-2Complete with spool with an end
    connection of flange /BSP(M)
    Service FluidDry & Clean compressed Air / Gas.
    (Mixture of gases not applicable)
    End ConnectionFlange/BSP(M) Threading/ Direct clamp
    Accuracy±3 % of Actual Flow Rate between 100%
    to 5% of Calibrated range
    DisplayBlind/LCD 16/2.
    Output4-20 mA/RS 485, Pulse, Wireless Data
    Power Supply24Vdc/150mA ( Without Wireless
    24Vdc/300mA ( With Wireless
    Operating Fluid
    0 – 100℃

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