Industrial Oxygen Flow Meter

Direct Mass Flow Measurement using an Industrial Oxygen Flow Meter

Industrial Oxygen Flow Meters are digital flow meters that can measure the flow rate of industrial oxygen. It is critical to select an appropriate flow meter for measuring and monitoring oxygen flow. For industries producing oxygen, there is a requirement of an accurate flow meter, because oxygen tanks or tankers are filled with known volume (the pressure is defined), and the manufacturer bills based on the volume of gas.

Manas Microsystems is a supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of Industrial Oxygen Flow Meters. These flow meters are used by many industries, including Oxygen generating plant manufacturers.

In India, the Maharashtra government has undertaken a big drive to make the state self-sufficient in oxygen production, and many other states are also following the same trend. The sugar industry can take the lead in this drive, as oxygen is one of the by-products of sugar making process. Manas is equipped to assist the sugar industry in this process by offering an Industrial Oxygen Flow Meter that provides precise measurement.


  • Direct measurement of mass flow.
  • No pressure or temperature compensation required
  • 20:1 turndown.
  • Wireless data transfer is possible. Remote readings are available on wireless.
  • Pulse, milliamps, and RS485 output for networking


  • Oxygen manufacturing plants
  • Sugar industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Refineries
  • Steel Industry


  • Precise measurements of oxygen flow rates enable industries to monitor and control the exact amount of oxygen delivered within a system or process.
  • Enhance productivity and quality while minimizing waste.
  • Long-term reliability, contributing to the stability and efficiency of industrial operations.

Product Details

Model No Scirocco 1000-1 & Scirocco 1000-2
Scirocco 1000-1 Sensor and transmitter can be mounted directly on service pipe just by drilling holes with clamps provided. (No spool pieces)
Scirocco1000-2 Complete with a spool with an end connection of flange /BSP(M) Threading.
Service Fluid Dry & Clean compressed Air / Gas. (Mixture of gases not applicable)
Line Size DN 15 to DN 200
End Connection Flange/BSP(M) Threading/ Direct clamp mounting.
Accuracy ±3 % of Actual Flow Rate between 100% to 5% of Calibrated range
Display Blind/LCD 16/2.
Output 4-20 mA/RS 485, Pulse, Wireless Data Transfer.
Ingress Protection IP- 65
Operating Fluid Temp 0 – 100℃
Operating Fluid Pressure Up to 10 bar
Power Supply 24Vdc/150mA (Without Wireless communication) 24Vdc/300mA (With Wireless Communication).


An industrial oxygen flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of oxygen within industrial processes. It provides accurate measurements of the volume or mass of oxygen passing through a specific point in a system over a defined period.

Factors to consider include the flow range, accuracy requirements, pressure and temperature conditions, compatibility with oxygen (material construction), installation requirements, and environmental conditions of the application.

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