Insertion Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Insertion Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • It works on Transit Time or Time of Flight principle.
  • It utilizes two transducers that functions as both Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver.
  • The transducer is inserted in the surface of the closed pipes.
  • The transit time flow meter measures the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted from one transducer to cross the pipe and be received by second transducer.
  • The flow is then measured by comparing the upstream and downstream time of Ultrasonic signal.
  • With no flow through the pipe the transit time would be equal in both directions.

Additional Information:

Brand manas microsystems
Display Digital
Applicable Line Size DN50 To DN600
Accuracy 2%
Ingress Protection IP68
Output 4-20 mA
Linearity Better than 1%
Suitable Temperature 30 to 160 degrees C

Transmitter Specification-

        Wall Mounting – (PS3030W)

  • The system’s proprietary signal quality monitoring and self-adapting technologies enable PS3030W to automatically adjust to various pipe materials.
  • The PS3030W have been carefully built with self-explanatory user interfaces and quick and easy operation. The installation is easy thanks to the clamp-on fixture’s specific nature, which requires no special skills or equipment.


  1. Budget-friendly and adaptable.
  2. No need to cut the pipe or stop water, easy installation.
  3. Highly accurate and reliable.
  4. There are no moving parts, no pressure drops, and no maintenance requirements.