Newsletter Q1

“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the products you need for your growth.”
Shrikant Sahasrabudhe
Managing Director, Manas Microsystems

From MD’s desk

It gives us great pleasure to publish this newsletter during the period of the auspicious Makar Sankranti. This celebration, which honors God Sun, is also known as the Harvesting Festival. Adequate water availability is essential for a good harvest and Manas contributes to this aspect, by providing accurate flow meters. Our irrigation flow meters and sprinkler flow meters are finding lots of interest in India and many other countries like Australia and New Zealand. Recently we took part in the Irrigation Australia conference and exhibition and interacted with many good customers in this field.

We just received an order for more than 300 Thermal Mass Flow Meters from a multinational company. This company has now decided to only work with Manas for all their upcoming requirements – Why? Read more in the newsletter.

We published a YouTube video on the working of our Mass Flow Meter calibration lab for our customers. I am sure you will enjoy reading more about these topics in this newsletter and I look forward to your valuable feedback.

Manas in Australia

In this quarter, we participated in the Irrigation Australia Conference and exhibition ICID held at Adelaide, Australia. The main objective of participating in this exhibition was to display the best irrigation flow meters and sprinkler flow meters that Manas makes. We are expanding our skills and facilities to better meet the demands of our clients, as the world around us evolves at a rapid rate. Manas flowmeters are now available in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many others.

Manas in Australia
Manas Order

Large order of Mass Flow Meters

A large multinational company recently ordered 300+ Thermal Mass Flow Meters from Manas. They have now opted to only work with Manas after being so pleased with the product quality and cutting-edge calibration facility. It is imperative to highlight that both the testing facility and the product are entirely indigenous. Manas is perhaps the only Indian flow meter manufacturer to have this capability. We are delighted to be a part of the outstanding growth story of India!

Customer speaks about our Outstanding service

A company’s reputation is decided by the customers, as they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the products. You gain a reputation by making a conscious effort to complete challenging activities successfully. Manas has been working relentlessly to provide timely and effective service to completely satisfy its customers. The more you know about your customer, the less you need to worry about losing him. Watch one of our clients speaking about the same in this video.

Customer Speaks

Employee’s corner

The CEO, managers, and staff are not the only people who affect how the business operates. There are many others who make the organization successful. We would like to introduce Mrs. Kamal Talware, who has been Manas’ helping hand since its foundation year 1998.

Mrs. Kamal also worked with Nishko, before joining Manas, where she first met our MD, Mr. Shrikant, who was one of the directors there. Later, she joined Manas Microsystems. Mrs. Kamal today works as a store keeper assistant. According to Mrs. Kamal, Manas underwent numerous transformations, such as going from a single building to a three-building infrastructure.

Mrs. Kamal praises the company for taking care of her healthcare needs and other necessities all along these years. She remembers how the company rescued her life after a life-threatening illness was diagnosed with her.

She also promised to remain employed for Manas Microsystems till she retires…

It is sometimes good to revisit the basics. Here is a blog for you that describes what is Electromagnetic Flow Meter and how it works. Click here to read more.

Working principle of Electromagnetic Flow meter

How to calibrate Mass Flow Meter?

Mass Flow Calibration Video

Manas Microsystems have developed the flow meter calibration facility in ‘Air Flow Discipline’ using compressed dry air as a medium. We provide calibration services for air and gas flow meters for various industries. We can hence calibrate flow meters for applications like CNG, PNG, oil free LPG, Biogas, Industrial Oxygen, Compressed Air and many other gases. We cover a large range of calibration, which ranges from 5 to 1725 Nm3/h and line sizes varying from DN 10 to DN 200. We are perhaps the only Indian manufacturer having such a calibration facility. We can calibrate flow meters of other makes at our laboratory. Watch this video to know how our calibration lab works.


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