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Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the lead Electromagnetic Flow meter manufacturer in India and our meters can fulfil the requirements of any customer who requires Electromagnetic Flow meter, Water Flow meter, Digital flow meter, Digital water flow meter, Waste water Flow meter, Sanitary Grade Flow meter, Industrial Flow meter, Chiller Flow meter, Chemical Flow meter, Full bore Flow meter, Portable water flow meter, Wafer Type Flow meter, Insertion Flow meter, Insertion type Electromagnetic Flow meter, Irrigation Flow meter, Juice Flow meter, Milk Flow meter, ETP Flow meter, BTU meter and etc.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

We Manufacture Electromagnetic flow meters which are widely used for flow measurement of conducting fluid. These are used for measurement of waste water applications or any dirty liquids which are conductive or water based.

  • Full Bore Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Model SS1002 & SR1000A)
  • Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter (SROAT 1000i)
  • Wafer Style Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Jal-oagh)
  • Economical Flowmeter (Smart Jal-Ec)
  • Sanitary/Food Grade Electromagnetic Flow Meter
  • Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter SS1021
  • Mega Sroat- MS1010 (DN400 To DN1600)​

Steam/Gas/Air Flow Meter

GFM (Gas Flow Meter) series flow meter for measuring flow rates of Bio Gas, LPG, compressed air and other compressed gases. SFM (Steam Flow Meter) series flow meter for measuring flow rates of steam (saturated & superheated), mass flow rates of boiler feed water in closed pipes. The digital gas flow meter is suited for wide range of applications where affordability, reliability & ruggedness are of prime importance.

  • Steam Flow Meter (SFM-150)
  • Gas Flow Meter (GFM-150)
  • Orifice Flow Meter
  • Thermal Dispersion Mass Flowmeter, Series Scirocco 1000

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic waft dimension by the transit-time differential method is now one of the maximum universally applied flow metering strategies to employ clamp on, non-intrusive method in closed conduit and intrusive technique by using inserting probes on pipe. The modern-day innovation of low-fee handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter is one of the most useful flow meters to be had for liquid float size.

  • Ultrasonic BTU Meter
  • Clamp on Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Insertion Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Bulk Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter-PS 3000 (Paraswanik Sroat)

Computing Units

We are offering computing units, by which we can measure mass flow of the fluid like water, gases & Steam. According to fluids it comes into three division that are: SFT, GFT & WMFT. Computing Unit also consist of Heat Meter for Heat transfer application & BTU meter for chiller application. Data logging, Computer connectivity & GSM connectivity is also available in computing Units.

  • Steam Flow Totaliser ( SFT 200 – Wall / Panel Mounting)
  • Gas Flow Totaliser ( GFT 100 – Wall / Panel Mounting)
  • Liquid Mass Flow Computing Unit (LMFT – 100)
    • BTU Meter for Chiller Application (BTU 100L)
    • BTU Meter for Heat Transfer Application (HET 100L)

Process Instruments

We offer a wide collection of process instruments that are used for various purposes. These instruments are exquisitely designed and made of quality raw material to meet international quality standards. All our products are highly appreciated for their features that include accuracy, longer service life, durability, reliability, high quality, etc. Our clients can avail these products at very best prices.

  • RH/Temp Transmitter
  • Draft Gauge