Steam Flow Totalizer

Steam Flow Totalizer SFT

We are manufacturers and suppliers of industrial-grade Steam Flow Totalizer. These units are designed to measure the mass flow rate of saturated and superheated steams. It calculates the instantaneous density from pressure and temperature and computes the mass flow as per guidelines from BS1042 and ISO 5167.

  • The SFT200 Steam Flow Meter is suitable for measuring the mass flow of superheated and saturated steam.
  • The unit displays the instantaneous mass flow rate and totalized mass of steam.
  • The unit offers facilities for accurate flow totalizing in both compensated as well as uncompensated modes.


  • Steam status Indication (i.e. Saturated / Superheated)
  • Universal Power supply
  • Availability of both Linear or square root operation
  • Mass flow calculation as per ASME Algorithm
  • Seven user-friendly operating modes
  • Password protection


  • Engineering & Automation
  • Textiles
  • Chemical/pharmaceutical
  • Food & Drugs
  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Steel/ Aluminum
  • Sugar Factories/Distilleries


  • Accuracy ensures precise monitoring and control of steam usage in industrial processes
  • With real-time information on steam flow, enabling prompt adjustments or interventions if required
  • The unit helps in keeping track of cumulative steam usage over a specified period
  • The device meets industry standards for steam flow measurement accuracy, providing confidence in its reliability and accuracy

Product Details

Brand manas microsystems
Model SFT-200
Mounting Wall/Panel
Enclosure AL Diecast/ABS plastic
Power Supply 85 – 265 V ac., 50 Hz Single Phase
Accuracy ± 0.25% of Full scale
Steam Pressure 1 to 100 Kg/cm2(g) max
Steam Temperature 100°C to 600°C max for superheated steam, 100°C to 300°C for saturated steam


Steam flow totalizers typically use differential pressure, temperature, and sometimes additional parameters to calculate the mass or volumetric flow rate of steam passing through a pipe. They often follow specific standards and guidelines for accurate measurement.

Benefits include accurate measurement of steam flow, which aids in energy efficiency, cost savings, maintenance planning, process optimization, regulatory compliance, troubleshooting, and data analysis for system improvements.

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