Full Bore Smart Electromagnetic Flow Meter

A Right flow meter for your industry

We have now introduced a new type of primary flow sensor & smart flow transmitter in their electromagnetic flow meter series. This sensor works on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. The meter is a true volume measuring meter. The measurement is independent of Viscosity, Density, Dissolved/Un-dissolved solids, pressure, or temperature of the flowing liquid as long as it maintains certain minimum conductivity.

This flow meter is field configurable and hence it is easier to change the range on the field.


  • ​Wide range of sizing DN10 to DN350.
  • Higher sizes are also available but Model is Mega-Sroat (Diameter DN400 to DN1600)
  • Accuracy ±0.5% of actual flow rate between 100% to 10% off calibrated range.
  • Various types of Liner & Electrode materials are available as per application requirements.
  • The new sensors are more compact in size & more sensitive. Earth ring or earth electrode, both options are available.
  • Empty tube detection is also provided.
  • Wide choices of compatible electrodes, liners & Body materials.
  • Computer/Printer Interfacing with RS 232 / RS485 port.
  • Stored/ Online data can be store in an excel format file by using RS232 Monitor Software PC end.


  • Steel & Aluminum
  • ETPs & STPs
  • Sugar & Distilleries
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Food & Drug
  • Petrochemical
  • Fertilizer and Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical


  • ​Robust, rugged, and welded steel/stainless steel construction withstanding to IP 68
  • very suitable for submerged or buried application
  • No pressure drop across the sensor, being full bore construction
  • Measurement independent of un-dissolved solids
  • A long-lasting ebonite rubber lining extends sensor life.
  • End connection flanges as per customer’s requirements

Product Details

Brand manas microsystems
Accuracy ±0.5 % +-(1mm/sec) of Actual Flow Rate between 100 % to 10 % of calibrated range
Line Size DN 10 to DN 350
Liner Material HR, PTFE, PFA, Neoprene
Electrode MOC SS316, Hastalloy C, TAN, TI
Flange Standard ANSI / DIN / BS 10 E / BS 10 F / IS
Flange / Coil Housing MOC MS / CS / SS 316 / SS 304
Operating Pressure Up to DN 80 – PN 40, From DN 100 to DN 200 – PN 16, From DN 250 to DN 350 – PN 10
Operating Temperature HR : 0 – 90 ºC / PTFE : 0 – 150 ºC / PFA : 0 – 200 ºC / Neoprene : 0 – 90 ºC
Transmitter Mounting Remote / Integral
Types of Transmitters SS1002
Display Type 16 characters x 2 rows LCD Display for instantaneous Flow rate, Totaliser, Engg. units
Velocity Range 2.5 m/s to 10 m/s
Communication RS 485(default) / RS 232(optional)

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