Solar Powered Flow Meter

Solar Powered Flow Meters

When precise flow measurement is required in remote regions where mains power is unavailable, our solar-powered flow meters can be used. They can be designed to get back up even up to one week in absence of solar power, especially in monsoon season.

Solar-powered devices might be an excellent way to save money when it comes to powering flow meters in distant regions.

This solar power system can be used to power both an electromagnetic flow meter and an ultrasonic flow meter.

Solar Powered Flow Meters
Insertion Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter


  • Better than 0.5% / 1% deviation depending upon type of flow meter.
  • Solar-powered. No other power supply is needed.
  • Solar panel adequately rated to suit the flow meter.
  • LCD with backlight.
  • 4 tactile-feedback membrane keypads.
  • RS-485/RS232 interface with MODBUS support Well suited for reliable networking.
  • GSM/GPRS for cloud connectivity (Optional).
  • Pulse output (optional).
  • 4 – 20mA output (Isolated).


A solar-Powered Flow Meter is an ideal solution for accurate flow measurement in remote areas where electrical power is not accessible or is not reliably available.

With many such flowmeters in the fields, it is possible to develop a remote flow monitoring network. With this, you can effectively manage the distribution and measurement of Irrigation water.

This is used for clear water applications in the following areas:

  • Irrigation schemes
  • Potable water distributed by local bodies
  • Waste Water treatment plants
  • Mining Industry
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Effluent treatment plants

Product Details

For the purpose of measurement of water flow at remote places, normally Electromagnetic or Ultrasonic flow meters are used. The details of models and specifications are available in their catalogs.

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