Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

  • The flow metering required by automobile industries is in areas like Compressed Air, CNG, Coolant at very low electrical conductivity, Effluent measurement, raw water consumption measurement to name a few.
  • In the development process of internal combustion engines with rigs, an airflow meter is used for measuring the continuous gravimetric air consumption of combustion engines.
  • A CNG flow meter is useful for measuring the CNG consumption of a new engine to evaluate the performance of the engine

Dairy Industry

  • At the time of receiving milk accurate flow measurement is essential. Manas Milk Flow Meters, SG Sroat can save the time of measurement while unloading the milk from the tanker.
  • To transfer milk from one section to another, the flow meter is used for accounting purposes.
  • Manas Milk flow Meters are Model approved with Weights and Measure certification and seal.
  • At the time of pasteurization, the milk is heated and then transferred to another tank. To generate this cycle on a time slot, the flow meter is used.
  • Manas can supply a steam flow meter for the measurement of steam consumption in the drying and evaporation stage.
  • Steam flow meters are also used in Cheese manufacturing plants.
  • Manas steam flow meters are known for their accurate calculations of steam mass irrespective of pressure and temperature variation.
  • With accurate flow measurement at various strategic locations, you can increase plant profitability.
Dairy Industry
Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp and Paper Industry

  • A flow meter is used to measure pulp stock and for water requirements at the plant.
  • Boiler feedwater management also needs flow metering
  • Steam flow meters are also used for Steam measurement.
  • Electromagnetic flowmeters with ceramic lining are used in highly abrasive slurries.
  • Electromagnetic flow meters are used for any conductive liquids including water (It does not work for lime water as the calcium gets deposited on the liner as well as on electrodes), mud, Hydrogen Perioxide-50% of water, 40% of water & 60% of stone powder, dry strength resin 15% & water 85%, AKD emulsion 15% & water 85%, liquid additives such as dyes, bleaches, water, and diluted powdered- in-water.

Sugar Industry

  • Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in Sugar Industry to measure the different types of fluids such as Imbibition water, sugarcane juice, Steam condensate water, Raw juice, lime sucrate, Distillery Process Water, etc.
  • Manas Electromagnetic Flow Meters for Molasses flow measurement are Model approved with Weights and Measurement certification and seal.
  • These are also used for measurement of Spent wash, Fermented wash, Molasses, B heavy Molasses, etc.
  • Steam flow meter is used for accurate measurement of steam generated at the plant. That also tells us, in a way, the efficiency of the boiler. It also helps us in product costing.
  • Water, sugarcane juice, effluent, molasses and wasted wash flow metering needs to be accurate at any integrated sugar production plant. So that wastages can be avoided, and profitability can be improved.
  • As a sugar producer, you must rely on precise flow measurement. For that reason, you’ll require a trustworthy flow meter partner. We at Manas can help you boost plant efficiency and optimize your processes with the right flow meter.
Sugar Industry
Textile Industry

Textile Industry

  • Steam is used for heating requirements for processing yarn & finished garments, where a steam flow meter is required.
  • Gas flowmeter is required for stack emission environment controls.
  • Airflow meter is required for Air & Fuel controls.
  • Natural Gas flow meters are required in various individual heating equipment such as Yarn steaming, Stenters, Jet dyeing machine, de-sizing, washing, dryers, etc.
  • Compressors are used in the Textile industry to bring their beautiful creations to life with sophisticated colors and patterns, fashion designers rely on compressor-powered weavers or spinners for faster production. In clothing manufacturing, compressed air is also used in:
    • Air jet weaving
    • Spinning – ring, open and air-jet spinning
    • Man-made fiber production – partially oriented yarn (POY) and fully oriented yarn (FOY)
    • Texturizing
    • Winding and dyeing nonwoven textiles
    • Pneumatic transport for PET chips
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Compressed Nitrogen: Lactam Dosing, Super heater.
  • Compressed air is used in process machines from blow rooms, carding, spinning, winding, weaving, and other machinery for both controlling and operations. In these applications, there is a requirement for a compressed air flow meter.
  • Electromagnetic flow meters are used in wastewater, Sewage water & Effluent water.
  • Compressed air is required at every stage of manufacturing in cotton textile industries having Air jet Looms & in the Polyester yarn industries with a very critical requirement in the PFY valued-added segment such as Texturing. Typically, power looms, process house & ginning mills require low air between 30-500 cfm. Denim spinning, medium PFY industries require medium air between 500-1,500 cfm. Large polyester yarn integrated plants, texturing units & integrated cotton textiles usually require more than 2000 cfm. In all these applications Air Flow Meter is useful.

Water Industry

  • Electromagnetic flow meters are used in wastewater applications or with dirty liquids.
  • Applications include Wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment plant, Sewage treatment plant, Effluent treatment plant, Drinking water, irrigation plant, de-mineralized water, Borewell Water, Hot water, cold water, clean water, Raw water, etc.

Main Applications :

  • The Irrigation water is distributed all over the country for different purposes but mainly agriculture use and domestic use. In domestic use, pure potable water is supplied. The irrigation raw water distribution as well as the potable drinking water both are required to be measured for control and data management of this commodity.
  • The second application of Electromagnetic or magnetic flow meter is to measure the wastewater. The wastewater again is of two types. The first one is sewerage water generated in cities and villages. Second is industrial wastewater. This contains many acidic or alkaline compounds making it quite corrosive. It is really a challenge to make the meters that suit the worst industrial conditions to measure this effluent water.
Water Industry
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