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Calibration Services

We, Manas Microsystems are leading manufacturers in flow meters which are used by various industries. We are devoted to helping you in keeping up with the most elevated levels of exactness of your flow meters. At Manas microsystems, we provide calibration services for other manufacturers just as our own manufactured flow meter. Intermittent recalibrations are regularly needed to guarantee discernible precision and repeatability. We use a primary method of gravimetric calibration for fluid flow calibration. Our laboratory has a grounded quality framework going along to in line with the prerequisite of the global standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Annual Maintenance Contract

One of the major advantages of using annual maintenance services is that AMC services save your meters from unexpected maintenance and repair cost. The annual maintenance contract assures the clients that only genuine spare parts of the flow meters are used for better performance and durability. For installations wherever an good number of Manas Flowmeters (more than 15 to 20 nos) are installed, we tend to undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) at a nominal value. During this contract, we proactively visit the site location, quarterly. Throughout each visit, we proactively check the health of the flow meters and carry-out, on-the-site standard dictation once during a year.


Installation And Commissioning

With specific expertise in flow metering, Manas Microsystems is an excellent choice to assist you in commissioning any type of new flow meter. With trained and experienced engineers, we will ensure proper operation of flow meter. this will reduce issues in flowmeter installation which is expensive and inconvenient. The commissioning services can include- 1- Advice on flow meter positioning for placement. 2- Flow meter testing. Your meters will be commissioned by our expert engineers, who will ensure technically correct installation so that you can trust the results.


At Manas Microsystem, we provide repair services for our flow meters. Our trained technicians will resolve issues you facing in the flow meter and you can put the flow meter back in work confidently. Our step-by-step approach in solving the problems and the technology we use helps us diagnose and complete repairs quickly, allowing you to get back to work sooner.

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Technical Advice

For any of your flow metering problem, we can give you an expert advice to ensure correct metering. We can help you selecting right flow meters for various applications, may it be a slurry, hot steam, mixture of immiscible liquids, hazardous gases, conductive liquids, variety of gases or gas mixtures, we can suggest a workable and cost-effective solution to you. While suggesting solutions, we also consider the fluid properties and physical dynamics of the site. Physical characteristics include pipe size, configuration, pipe material, and the surrounding environment. Our technical team will provide you with advice on flow meter selection and commissioning after inspecting all these variables.


We, Manas Microsystems are leading manufacturers in flow meters which is used by various industries. To our customers, we provide spare parts, as required as an interchangeable part that is kept in an inventory and used for the repair or replacement of failed units.

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