Gas Flow Totalizer

Gas Flow Totalizer GFT

Manas Microsystem is the manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade Gas flow totalizers. This instrument is designed to measure the mass flow rates of Biogas, Natural gas, CNG, O2, CO2, Compressed air, and other compressed gases in closed conduits. The instantaneous density is calculated by measuring the temperature and pressure.


  • Most suitable for Compressible Fluids having variation in their Pressure & Temperature which includes Compressed Air & gases like Biogas, LPG, etc.
  • Computer / Printer Interfacing with RS 232 / RS 485 port with MODBUS RTU
  • Configuration of Two alarms setting on instantaneous Flow rate
  • Provision of Password Protection


  • Engineering & Automation
  • Textiles
  • Chemical/pharmaceutical
  • Food & Drugs
  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Steel/ Aluminum
  • Sugar Factories/Distilleries


  • Accurately measures the mass flow rates of various gases such as Biogas, Natural gas, CNG, O2, CO2, and compressed air
  • Provides real-time data on gas density, enabling more precise mass flow rate calculations

Product Details

Brand manas microsystems
Model GFT-200
Mounting Wall/Panel
Enclosure AL Diecast/ABS plastic
Power Supply 85 – 265 V ac., 50 Hz Single Phase
Accuracy ± 0.25% of Full scale
Steam Pressure 1 to 50Kg/cm2(g) max
Terminal Separated for both inputs


A gas flow totalizer is a device used to measure and record the total amount of gas flowing through a system over a specific period. It calculates the cumulative volume or mass of gas passing through based on specific parameters like pressure, temperature, and flow rate.

Benefits of gas flow totalizers include accurate measurement of gas flow, enabling billing accuracy, aiding in process optimization, providing data for maintenance planning, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and helping in energy efficiency analysis.

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