BTU Meter For Heat Transfer Application

A BTU / Thermal energy meter for flow and total energy consumption

This is a meter for the Heat Transfer application. It measures Thermal Energy carried by various fluids that are used as heat transfer mediums.

Manas heat transfer meter (Model HET-100L) is popular in Thermic Fluid applications. A Thermic fluid heater is industrial heating equipment used for achieving high temperatures at low pressures. A thermic fluid is typically circulated in the entire system for transferring heat to the desired processes. Primarily, the combustion process heats up the thermic fluid. Then the thermic fluid carries and passes this heat to the desired fluid to achieve the required process temperature. After passing on the heat, this thermic fluid comes back again to the thermic fluid heater and this cycle goes on.

BTU Meter For Heat Transfer HET-100L takes care of the compensation of variation in density & specific heat with varying temperatures of the fluid.
It also measures the thermic fluid flow rate & is also useful for measuring thermal transfer for hot water flow.


  • Buzzer on Faults / Errors.
  • Fault conditions- Indicate by different error codes.
  • The engineering units available for Heat in Kcal/hr, Energy in MKcal, Flow in m3/hr, Density in kg/m3, Specific Heat in Kcal/kg°C OR KJ/kg°C and Temperature in °C.
  • Password protection on all programming modes
  • Data Logging: Approx readings: 3000 for normal logging and approx 5500 readings for extended logging.


  • Suitable for thermic fluids like HYTHERM 500, HYTHERM 600, DOWTHERM A, DOWTHERM T, etc.
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Natural gas purification
  • Refining
  • Asphalt processing and storage
  • Gas to liquid

Product Details

Model HET-100L
Accuracy ± 0.25% Full Scale
Brand manas microsystems
Suitable for Thermic fluids HYTHERM 500, HYTHERM 600, DOWTHERM A, DOWTHERM T etc
Big Characters LCD Display 16 x 2 Display
Ingress Protection IP65 Equivalent
Dimension 260mm(L)x160mm(B)x90mm(D)
Fault conditions Indicated by different error codes
Power supply 85V to 265V AC, 50Hz, single phase (Universal)
Operating ambient temp 0 to 50 deg C
Comm port RS485, RS232 (Optional) with MODBUS RTU
Output 4-20 mA dc in max. 600 Ω load, Isolated, Proportional to Power

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