CNG Flow Meter

A PNG / LPG / CNG Flow Meter - Ideal for various gas applications

How does CNG Flow Meter work?

One of the popular CNG flow meters is a Thermal Mass Flow Meter. Whenever a fluid of a certain temperature is passed over any substance hotter than the fluid, the heat of the hot substance is taken away because of forced convection by the fluid, and the temperature of that substance drops. This fall in temperature is related to the mass flow of the fluid passing over the substance. If one can measure the amount of heat taken away by the flowing fluid one can calculate the mass flow rate.

Which is the best CNG Flow Meter?

The selection of the best CNG Flow Meter depends on many factors. Thermal Mass Flow Meter is found to be one of the best flow meter types as it requires no pressure or temperature compensation and can detect gas mass flow directly. It is accurate, simple to install, and has no moving parts. It also has good rangeability, outstanding low flow sensitivity, and minimum pressure loss, making it the ideal flow solution provider for compressed natural gas measurement.

Can it be used for other fuel gases?

Yes. While it can be used for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) applications, it can also be used for many other fuel gases, such as Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) applications. If the gas composition is known, this gas flow meter can be configured for many fuel gases.

Flameproof CNG Flow Meter

CNG is safer than petrol and diesel because of its high ignition temperature. However, it is highly combustible. Therefore, in some applications flameproof version of the CNG flow meter is required.

The Automobile Industry has many applications for CNG flow meters.

CNG engines are thoroughly tested to ensure high efficiency and better performance. The most important part of this system is the CNG Flow Meter which accurately measures the mass flow rate of the CNG that is supplied during the engine testing. This flow meter needs to be flameproof.

Manas manufactures a flameproof version of the CNG Flow Meter for all such applications.

This flow meter is CMRI Certified,  suitable for gas categories IIa, IIb

Flameproof CNG flow meter


  • Direct measurement of mass flow.
  • No pressure or temperature compensation required
  • 20:1 turndown.
  • Wireless data transfer is possible. Remote readings are available on wireless.
  • Pulse, milliamps, and RS485 output for networking


  • Useful for measuring the CNG consumption of a new engine to evaluate the performance of the engine in the Automobile industry.
  • CNG flow meter, It can be used by CNG users and CNG suppliers
  • Useful for Natural gas users
  • Required in various individual heating equipment such as Yarn steaming, Stenters, Jet dyeing machine, de-sizing, washing, dryers, etc in a textile manufacturing plant.


  • It is accurate, simple to install, and has no moving parts.
  • It also has good rangeability, outstanding low flow sensitivity, and minimum pressure loss

Product Details

Model No Scirocco 1000-1 & Scirocco 1000-2
Scirocco 1000-1 Sensor and transmitter can be mounted directly on service pipe just by drilling holes with clamps provided. (No spool pieces)
Scirocco1000-2 Complete with a spool with an end connection of flange /BSP(M) Threading.
Service Fluid Dry & Clean compressed Air / Gas. (Mixture of gases not applicable)
Line Size DN 15 to DN 200
End Connection Flange/BSP(M) Threading/ Direct clamp mounting.
Accuracy ±3 % of Actual Flow Rate between 100% to 5% of Calibrated range
Display Blind/LCD 16/2.
Output 4-20 mA/RS 485, Pulse, Wireless Data Transfer.
Ingress Protection IP- 65
Operating Fluid Temp 0 – 100℃
Operating Fluid Pressure Up to 10 bar
Power Supply 24Vdc/150mA (Without Wireless communication) 24Vdc/300mA (With Wireless Communication).


A CNG flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of compressed natural gas in a system. It accurately measures the volume of gas passing through a specific point.

CNG flow meters are commonly used in CNG refueling stations, natural gas vehicle (NGV) fueling systems, industrial processes, and commercial applications where accurate measurement of gas flow is essential.

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