Draft Gauge Indicator

Draft Gauge

Boiler draft needs to be measured at seven different locations in a boiler. Accurate draft measurement can reduce emissions, improve boiler efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

Manas Microsystems manufactures Digital Draft Indicators / Transmitters. These digital instruments are more accurate and easier to read, compared to the mechanical gauges with analog indicators.

The mechanical gauges are of no use for control purposes as they cannot deliver any signal, while digital instruments can!

Manas Draft measuring instruments are very economical compared to sophisticated electronic gauge transmitters and are comparable in price with mechanical gauges.

In addition, the instruments can pay you back quickly in the form of saved energy due to perfect combustion.


  • Also called Draft Indicator
  • Wide range, ±50 mmwc to ± 750 mmwc
  • Digital readout and DC output provided for control purpose
  • Draft transmitter can be mounted on the field avoiding long piping lengths, eliminating large costs
  • Temperature compensation for span & zero provided
  • Accuracy much better as compared to mechanical gauges
  • Digital indication, so no confusion


  • To measure and control furnace draft
  • In Boiler application used to increase combustion efficiency.
  • Also to maintain safe operating conditions in a boiler.
  • Used at FD fan outlet(cold air) Air heater inlet
  • Used at Boiler outlet (Flue gas)


  • The digital draft indicators offer higher accuracy compared to mechanical gauges, enabling more precise measurement of boiler draft at seven different locations.
  • This contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Product Details

Brand Manas Microsystems
Input Draft Pressure
Input Range ±50 mmwc to ±750 mmwc
Output Range 4-20 mA propotional to calibration range
Accuracy ±2.5% F.S.
Power Supply 230Vac/110Vac, 50 Hz single phase
Output for Draft Gauge 4-20mA in 600 Ohms max load
Dimensions for Draft Gauge Bezel- 144(H)×72(W) Cutout- 138(H)×68(W) Depth-135
Dimensions for Draft Transmitter 200(H) × 25(W) × 54(D)


Accurate draft measurement facilitated by Manas Microsystems’ instruments helps in achieving perfect combustion, thereby reducing emissions. Additionally, improved control over the boiler draft allows for better optimization of fuel consumption, leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced energy bills.

Yes, the instruments offered by Manas Microsystems are economically priced, similar to mechanical gauges, yet they provide the advantages of digital technology. While affordable, they offer accuracy and signal transmission capabilities similar to sophisticated electronic gauge transmitters, making them a cost-effective choice for draft measurement.

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