BTU Meter

A BTU Meter that saves energy

When it comes to measuring thermal energy consumption, industry professionals are saddled with questions like What is a BTU meter or How do I calculate BTU or What is BTU consumption?

BTU meter measures the thermal energy content of liquid flow in British Thermal Units (BTU) or in Kilo Calories (Kcal)., even sometimes in Kw. But this Kw has nothing to do with electrical KW.

Manas is a leading Indian manufacturer of BTU meters who can provide a solution for calculating the BTU or measuring the BTU consumption with their BTU meters with communication support like, BACnet, MODBUS with LAN Port.

A BTU meter (also called a Heat Meter) comprises a combination of a flow meter with temperature sensors that measure energy consumption in any liquid heating or cooling system. These are also called Energy Meters and are used to bill the end-user for his/her air conditioning energy usage. A BTU meter can also be used to measure the performance of energy-saving equipment, loss of efficiency within a heating or cooling system which means revenue loss. They are also required in heat recovery systems to find out the quantum of recovered heat.


  • Choice of flowmeters: You can go for Electromagnetic or Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Both Instantaneous and Totalised flow values are available
  • Users can define the units for heat measurement
  • High-grade Temperature Sensors are used for accurate differential temperature measurement
  • Flow units can be selected by the user
  • Memory storage is built in to protect the data during power failures
  • BACnet IP/MODBUS, TCP/IP/RS485 for remote connectivity.
  • All flow meters are highly accurate as they are factory calibrated.


  • BTU meters are used in chilled water systems for commercial, industrial, and office buildings. These meters are used to bill users for air conditioning energy usage.
  • Cooling effectiveness measurement in water-based systems
  • Useful for identifying leakages in hot or cold-water systems
  • Useful for Dredging industries
  • Residential apartments for tenant billing
  • Energy measurement in open heating/cooling systems
  • Useful in heat recovery systems.
  • Applications in the Mining industry
  • Special applications in Water and wastewater management
BTU Meter for Chiller Application

Product Details

Model BTU-100L
Application Industrial
Brand manas microsystems
Country of Origin Made in India
Ingress Protection IP65 Equivalent
Power supply 85V to 265V AC, 50Hz, single phase (Universal)
Dimension 220mm(L)x120mm(H)x90mm(D)
Comm port RS485, RS232 (Optional) with MODBUS RTU
Approx. readings 3000 for normal logging & approx. 5500 readings for extended logging
Output 4-20 mA dc in max. 600 Ω load, Isolated, Proportional to Power
BTU Meter for Heat Transfer Application

Product Details

Model HET-100L
Accuracy ± 0.25% Full Scale
Brand manas microsystems
Suitable for Thermic fluids HYTHERM 500, HYTHERM 600, DOWTHERM A, DOWTHERM T etc
Big Characters LCD Display 16 x 2 Display
Ingress Protection IP65 Equivalent
Dimension 260mm(L)x160mm(B)x90mm(D)
Fault conditions Indicated by different error codes
Power supply 85V to 265V AC, 50Hz, single phase (Universal)
Operating ambient temp 0 to 50 deg C
Comm port RS485, RS232 (Optional) with MODBUS RTU
Output 4-20 mA dc in max. 600 Ω load, Isolated, Proportional to Power
Ultrasonic BTU Meter

Product Details

Application Industrial
Brand Manas microsystems
Display Type 16 x 2 Characters LCD Display with Backlight
Transducer Type Clamp on type & Insertion type
Output 4-20 mA dc in max. 600 ohm load, Isolated, Proportional to Power.
Power Supply 85V to 265V AC, 50Hz, Universal.
Comm port RS485,RS232(Optional) with MODBUS RTU
Manas Micro
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