BTU Meter For Chiller Application

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BTU Meter For Chiller Application

Manas make BTU meter comprises of accurately calibrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Pair of temperature sensors and Flow Transmitter with integral Energy computing capability unit to calculate Net Heat consumed. We offer our BTU Meters for a wide range of applications. Example- in Air handling Units, chilled water, HVAC applications. It is used in centralized air conditioning systems for both commercial and industrial buildings. Similarly for Hot Water & Thermic fluid applications, our Heat meter (HET100L) also performed well.

We provide a wide variety of BTU meters that might be utilized in chilled water, condenser water, and warm water structures for each industrial and business buildings. These meters consist of: temperature variety, environment or glide temperature, temperature sensor kind, differential temperature accuracy, battery life, operating current, and hibernating modem. Dimensions which include duration, width, and weight are also important to don’t forget. There are numerous exclusive temperature levels for BTU meters.


  • Measurement of Thermal Power & Energy consumed through measurement of flow, Temperature difference of Inlet & Outlet of the medium
  • Used in Centralized Air Conditioning systems
  • Compact wall mounting design with IP 67 Enclosure
  • Availability of display of Chilled Water flow, Power, Temperature etc.
  • Data storage up to 1 year with hourly storage facility with real time


  • BTU meters are used in centralized air conditioning systems
  • Commercial enterprises For AC’s
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Office buildings.

Product Details

Model BTU-100L
Application Industrial
Brand manas microsystems
Country of Origin Made in India
Ingress Protection IP65 Equivalent
Power supply 85V to 265V AC, 50Hz, single phase (Universal)
Dimension 220mm(L)x120mm(H)x90mm(D)
Comm port RS485, RS232 (Optional) with MODBUS RTU
Approx. readings 3000 for normal logging & approx. 5500 readings for extended logging
Output 4-20 mA dc in max. 600 Ω load, Isolated, Proportional to Power

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