Digital Flow Meter

Manas Micro system is best Digital Flow meter manufacturer, Supplier Company in India. We serve Digital Flow meter services in many cities like pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Gujarat, Indore, Karnataka etc. we fulfill the necessities of customer who calls for Digital Flow meter.

We are prominent manufacture of Digital Flow Meter for our valuable clients. These digital meters are widely used numerous applications like Water, Effluent Water, Waste Water &Sewage Water. These are standards quality meters and can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters, simply known as mag flow meter is a volumetric flow meter which is ideally used for waste water applications and other applications that experience low pressure drop and with appropriate liquid conductivity required.

It is very important that the liquid flow that is to be measured using the magnetic flow meter must be electrically conductive.

The flow meter which has digital display and measurement methods is called as digital flow meter.It reads flow data and translates the same into easy to read quantities.The output is shown using digital display unlike mechanical flow meter which uses non-electric way (e.g. needle) to indicate the reading.

The flow meter shown here is very compact & light weight have color display & comes integrated with flow controller which reduces the piping & is space saving.

Advantages of Digital Flow Meter

  • It is more reliable compare to traditional mechanical flow meters such as rotameter.
  • It is easier to read due to availability of numerical display.
  • It is more accurate.
  • It relies less on pressure/temperature of fluid due to use of external power.