Clamp On Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Clamp On Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Ultrasonic flow meter works on the Transit Time or Time of Flight principle.
  • The Flow meter unit utilizes two transducers that function as both ultrasonic transmitters and receivers.
  • The transducers are clamped onto the outside surface of the closed pipes.
  • The transit time flow meter measures the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted from one transducer to cross the pipe and be received by second transducer.
  • The flow is then measured by comparing the upstream and downstream time of Ultrasonic signal.


  • Auto adjustable to various pipe materials.
  • Quick and easy to install and operate
  • Requires no special skills or equipment.
  • Budget-friendly and adaptable.
  • No need to cut the pipe or stop water, easy installation.
  • Highly accurate and reliable.
  • There are no moving parts, no pressure drops, and no maintenance requirements.

Applications (*)

  • Municipal water supply lines
  • Large pipelines
  • Utility Plants in all industries
  • Refineries – Cooling Towers
  • Pharma industry
  • Power plant

(* – For clear water applications only)

Product Details

Brand manas microsystems
Applicable Line Sizes DN 50 To DN 1500
Model Name/Number CTs-Small, CTm-Medium, CTl-Large
Flow Media Type Water
Display Digital
Power Supply Universal Supply (85 V AC to 265 V AC at 50 Hz.)
Accuracy ±2%
Type Clamp-on type
Ingress Protection IP 68
Temperature -30 to 90 degrees c

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