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Mass Flowmeter Calibration

Discover Manas Microsystems’ state-of-the-art flow meter calibration facility, utilizing compressed dry air as a medium for precise measurements. With expertise in air and gas flow meter calibration, we cater to various industries, offering calibration services for applications including CNG, PNG, oil-free LPG, Biogas, Industrial Oxygen, Compressed Air, and more.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter Calibration

In this video, witness our Electromagnetic Flow Meter being calibrated in our own lab. We follow a gravimetric method using standard weights for accurate calibration. Find answers to FAQs like calibrating magnetic flow meters and ensuring accuracy. Watch now!

IP-68 extreme testing

Discover the durability of our flow sensor as we put it to the test 10 meters below the water surface. Join us in this video as we demonstrate the rigorous IP-68 extreme testing conducted on our flow tube for ingress protection. Witness the reliability and robustness of our product. Watch now

Testing a water flow meter- Under-water(IP-67)

Join us in this video as we showcase our rigorous internal testing process for achieving an IP-67 rating on our flowmeters. While the standard does not require testing in a powered-on condition, we go the extra mile to ensure the reliability and confidence of our instruments. Discover our commitment to delivering top-quality products. Watch now!

Customer Speaks

In order to measure the flow rates of saturated and superheated steam as well as the mass flow rates of boiler feed water in closed conduits, Manas, a leading producer of steam flow meters, offers the Model SFMc-150. a video in which one of our customers talks about his interactions with Manas customer support.

Working Principle of BTU Meter

Curious about BTU meters and how they measure thermal energy consumption? Join us in this video as we delve into the working principle of BTU meters. Discover how these meters accurately calculate the thermal energy content of liquid flow, whether in British Thermal Units (BTU), Kilo Calories (Kcal), or even Kilowatts (Kw) (note: unrelated to electrical KW). Say goodbye to confusion and gain a clear understanding of BTU meters and their significance in energy measurement. Watch now!

How to install Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Because they are simple to install and don’t need cutting a pipe or stopping an operation to get accurate flow measurements, clamp-on flowmeters are growing in popularity.
Only a few fundamental details regarding the liquid and the pipe are needed to obtain meaningful flow readings.
Let’s examine the entire clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter installation procedure in this video.

Manas Microsystems: Flowmeters

Manas Microsystems Pvt Ltd., founded in 1998, has ISO 9001:2008 certification. Manas has been active in the manufacture of Electro-magnetic flow meters, gas/steam flow metering systems, and other related process instruments in India since its founding year.

Working Principle of Clamp-on Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Many engineers are curious about how an ultrasonic flow meter operates, the different types of ultrasonic flow meters, and the applications for these meters.
Manas manufactures a variety of ultrasonic flow meters, including clamp-on type flow meters, insertion flow meters, and handheld ultrasonic water flow meters.

We explain the clamp-on type ultrasonic flow meter in this video. View these videos, then share your thoughts with us.

Working principle of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

For measuring the flow of conducting fluids, electromagnetic flow meters are frequently employed. These are used to test raw water, wastewater applications, any conductive or water-based unclean liquids, drinking water, and other fluids. Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction underlies the sensor’s operation. Since the electromagnetic flowmeter has full bore flow, which is a unique property, it does not block the flow of the liquid being measured. The readings of electromagnetic flow meters are therefore more accurate because there is no pressure decrease as a result.

Australia Exhibition – Irrigation Australia at Adelaide

Manas Microsystems recently participated in the Adelaide-based Irrigation Australia Exhibition.
The exhibition’s main theme was the need for irrigation in Australia, and Manas got a resounding reception there.

Products from Manas, including sprinkler flow meters and irrigation flow meters, impressed customers from many nations. Electromagnetic flow meters Ultrasonic flow meters.

Customer Speaks | Flow meters for the water and wastewater industry

The turnkey implementation and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors are handled by Manas Microsystems, which provides a range of flow meters to those industries.
One such significant client who has been utilizing Manas flowmeters happily for many years is United Envirotech.
The chairman of United Envirotech, Mr. Y.B. Patwardhan, discusses candidly their relationship and experiences with Manas individuals and goods in this video.

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