Flow Indicating Totalizer

Flow Indicating Totalizer

The FIT -100 series is a compact-sized Totalizer. The Totalizer is designed to accept input from a Differential Pressure or Flow Transmitter. It has an option for LCD or LED Display. The Totalizer can accept input from the transmitter operating in Linear or Square Root mode. Flow is integrated into the Totalizer and can be seen on the top display indicator. A 4-Digit Indicator is also provided to indicate the instantaneous Flow rate in % or in any Engineering Unit.


  • Compact in Size
  • Field Programmable Parameters.
  • Virtual 8 digit Display available to monitor Totalised Flow.
  • Isolated 4-20mA D.C. output proportional to Flow Rate.
  • Linear or Square Root operation.
  • Better Resolution with 4 Digit Display for instantaneous Flow Rate.
  • Serial Interface with Computer through MODBUS RTU.


  • Process and chemical industries
  • Water treatment plants and distribution systems
  • Effluent treatment plants.
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sugar industries and Distilerries
  • Automobile industries
  • Boiler Feedwater measurement
  • Gas Flow Measurement


  • Compact in size, making it suitable for various installation environments
  • Users have the flexibility to choose between LCD or LED display options, provides ease of readability and adaptability to diverse working conditions.
  • Integrates with differential pressure or flow transmitters, enabling precise measurement and calculation of flow rates.
  • Empowers users with comprehensive monitoring capabilities, enabling them to efficiently track flow rates and accumulated flow data.

Product Details

Brand Manas microsystems
Input 4-20 mA d.c
Auxiliary Output Isolated 4 20 mA d.c. proportional to flow rate
Transmitter Supply 24 V D.C @30 mA suitable to power one two-wire Transmitter
Accuracy ±0.25% of F.S. for flow rate as well as totalisation.
Display 1) 4-digit,7 segment,0.5” LED display for instantaneous
flow rate. And 6 digits, 7 segment, 0.3” LED display for
totalisation with programmable decimal point &
adjustable count rate, Facility to view additional 2 digits of
totalised flow available on users will.
2) 16×2 Line LCD option available.
Operating Temp. 0 to 50 C
Communication Port RS-232 or RS-485 with MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL


The FIT-100 series Totalizer is designed to receive input from Differential Pressure or Flow Transmitters and integrates flow measurements. It displays the total integrated flow and instantaneous flow rate, providing users with essential data for monitoring and control purposes.

The Totalizer can accept input signals from Differential Pressure or Flow Transmitters, allowing it to accurately calculate and display totalized flow based on the received signals.

A flow-indicating totalizer is an electronic instrument that measures and displays the flow rate and the total amount of fluid that has passed through a pipeline. Manas Microsystems offers a range of high-quality flow-indicating totalizers for various industrial applications

A flow-indicating totalizer works by taking inputs from DP or flow transmitters and then using this data to calculate the total volume of fluid that has passed through the pipeline. The instrument then displays this information on a digital screen. Manas Microsystems’ flow indicates that totalizers are highly accurate and reliable.

Using a flow-indicating totalizer can provide several benefits, including accurate measurement of fluid flow, monitoring of process efficiency, and improved control over fluid management. Manas Microsystems’ flow-indicating totalizers offer a user-friendly interface, low maintenance requirements, and high durability.

Manas Microsystems offers a range of flow-indicating totalizers, including digital totalizers, batch controllers, and flow rate indicators. These instruments are available in various sizes, materials, and configurations to suit different industrial requirements.

Yes, Manas Microsystems offers flow-indicating totalizers that can be used for gas flow indication and totalization. This includes high-pressure gas application also.

The price range of flow-indicating totalizers offered by Manas Microsystems varies depending on the type of instrument and its features. However, the company is known for offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

Yes, Manas Microsystems provides comprehensive after-sales support for its flow-indicating totalizers, including technical assistance, repair, and maintenance services. The company’s team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist customers with any issues they may face.

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