Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Flow meter that works without external power.

Many flow meters fail to function in remote locations due to a scarcity of electrical power. Load shading, accidental damages, or natural calamities are some of the causes of electricity failures. In such locations, a long-lasting solution is possible with a battery-operated flow meter. Manas makes Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter, which is available with an integral or remote version of the transmitter.

This meter does not require an external electric supply and can function without it as per the given specifications. This Electromagnetic Flow Meter is specifically designed where an electric supply is not available and accurate flow measurement is essential. These meters are popular where meter readings are taken periodically by local authorities for billing purposes, like Municipalities, Industrial Development corporations, etc.


  • Battery Operated (Battery Life 5 Years)
  • Sizes Available from ½” to 20”.
  • Highly Accurate and extremely Linear.
  • Microvolt signal Proportional flow rate from the primary flow sensor.
  • Various types of Liner & Earth electrodes, both options are available.
  • Empty tube detection is also provided.


  • Municipal water supply schemes
  • Irrigation schemes
  • Mining Industry
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Management of water and wastewater
  • Effluent treatment plants


  • Ideal for temporary or portable applications where a permanent power source is not available or practical
  • Battery-powered flow meters are less susceptible to electrical interference or voltage fluctuations in the surrounding environment
  • Battery-powered meters can continue to operate even during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted flow measurement and data collection
  • They can be easily moved and reinstalled as needed.

Product Details

Line Size DN 10 to DN 500
Media Temperature Hard Rubber (HR) -0-90 Deg C

PTFE – 0 – 150 Deg C

PFA: 0 to 200 Deg C

Pressure Up to DN80 – PN 40

From DN100 to DN200 – PN 16

From DN250 to DN500 – PN10

Ambient 0 to 50 Deg C
Pipe Material SS304 (nonmagnetic)
Liner Material Hard Rubber/PTEF/PFA
Coil Housing Material MS/CS PU Painted/SS304/SS316
Flanges Material MS/CS/SS316/SS304/SS316 L
Min Media conductivity 20 micro-Siemens per cm
Type of Transmitter SS1021
Shelf Life 5 Years
Local Display 2-line LCD Display For instantaneous Flow rate, Totalizer, Engg. units, Fault Message, etc
Output Pulsed DC output/4-20 mA (Optional)/Rs485 Communication (Optional)
Accuracy ±1% of Actual Flow Rate between 100% to 10% of calibrated range
GSM Facility Optionally Available
Flow Velocity 0.2m/s to 12m/s
Ingress Protection IP68 for Primary Flow Sensor, IP67 for flow Transmitter


Battery-operated electromagnetic flow meters are often used in remote or hard-to-reach locations where it’s difficult or costly to install a wired power source. They provide a convenient solution for applications where wiring is impractical.

The battery life can vary depending on factors such as the size of the battery, the flow rate being measured, and the frequency of measurements. It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for specific information on battery life. Manas Battery Powered electromagnetic flow meter offers a 5-year battery life.

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