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Reliable flow measurement from India's leading Gas Flow Meter Manufacturer and Supplier!

Manas Microsystems is India’s leading (and perhaps only) Gas Flow Meter supplier and exporter having the capability to Manufacture, Assemble, Test, and calibrate the mass flow meters it produces for gas applications.

Manas Microsystem, one of India’s largest flowmeter manufacturers, presents its high-precision Gas Flow Meter. Designed for accuracy and reliability, our gas flow meters are suitable for various industrial applications. Some of the potential export areas for these Gas Flow Meters include Southeast Asia (SEA), the Middle East, and Africa (MEA) regions.

Manas gas flow meters operate on Thermal Dispersion method of flow measurement. These gas flow meters can operate even under very low flow conditions, where many other gas flow meters don’t work. Being an insertion-type flow meter, it offers a very low-pressure drop. These flow meters hardly require maintenance, thus making them very popular for gas measurement in various industrial applications.


  • Reliable Measurement : Direct measurement of mass flow.
  • Less hassles : No pressure or temperature compensation required
  • Large range of accurate flow measurement : 20:1 turndown.
  • Remote connectivitiy : Wireless data transfer is possible. Remote readings are available on wireless.
  • Various communication options : Pulse, milliamps, and RS485 output for networking
  • Higher sensitivity at low flows : Many times, the gas flow may be at low velocities. Manas Gas flow meter has excellent sensitivity even at low velocity, unlike most other flowmeter types.


  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Bio Gas user industry
  • Boiler Industry
  • Nitrogen generating plants
  • CNG / PNG flow measurement
  • Manufacturing


  • No moving parts, hence no chance of wear or breakage
  • Long operational life
  • Accurate and repeatable over a wide range
  • Very cost-effective compared to other types of high-end flow meters
  • Suitable for LPG, CNG, PNG, LNG, Compressed Air, biogas, and many more gases
  • Low installation cost, as no special equipment required during installation

Product Details

Model No Scirocco 1000-1 & Scirocco 1000-2
Scirocco 1000-1 Sensor and transmitter can be mounted directly on service pipe just by drilling holes with clamps provided. (No spool pieces)
Scirocco1000-2 Complete with a spool with an end connection of flange /BSP(M) Threading.
Service Fluid Dry & Clean compressed Air / Gas. (Mixture of gases not applicable)
Line Size DN 15 to DN 200
End Connection Flange/BSP(M) Threading/ Direct clamp mounting.
Accuracy ±3 % of Actual Flow Rate between 100% to 5% of Calibrated range
Display Blind/LCD 16/2.
Output 4-20 mA/RS 485, Pulse, Wireless Data Transfer.
Ingress Protection IP- 65
Operating Fluid Temp 0 – 100℃
Operating Fluid Pressure Up to 10 bar
Power Supply 24Vdc/150mA (Without Wireless communication) 24Vdc/300mA (With Wireless Communication).


Gas flow meters measure the flow rate of gas through a pipe or conduit. They work on various principles, including Mass, Velocity, Pressure Differential, Positive Displacement, depending on the type and application.

One of the most popular gas flow meters is Thermal Mass Flow Meter. It works on the following principle:

Whenever a fluid of a certain temperature is passed over any substance hotter than the fluid, the heat of the hot substance is taken away because of forced convection by the fluid, and the temperature of that substance drops. This fall in temperature is related to the mass flow of the fluid passing over the substance. If one can measure the amount of heat taken away by the flowing fluid one can calculate the mass flow rate.

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Manas Gas flow meters can provide reliable and accurate measurements of biogas. These flow meters offer many advantages over other types of flow meters used for biogas flow measurement, some of which are listed below:

1) Being a direct mass flow meter, it does not require any pressure or temperature compensation.
2) Many times, the gas flow may be at low velocities. Manas Biogas flow meter has excellent sensitivity even at low velocity, unlike most other flowmeter types.

Absolutely! We provide tailored solutions to meet your specific gas flow measurement needs. Contact us on with your requirements, and our experts will assist you.

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