Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Our product range includes a wide range of ultrasonic flow meter like Bulk Type Ultrasonic flow meter, Clamp on Type Ultrasonic flow meter, Insertion Ultrasonic flow meter and Ultrasonic water flow meter. Ultrasonic Flow Meter has been utilized in industries and market for over a long-time frame for the volumetric glide metering of water.

Ultrasonic waft dimension by the transit-time differential method is now one of the maximum universally applied flow metering strategies to employ clamp on, non-intrusive method in closed conduit and intrusive technique by using inserting probes on pipe. The modern-day innovation of low-fee handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter is one of the most useful flow meters to be had for liquid float size.


  • More accurate result under tough condition
  • Easy installation and adjustment of transducers
  • Transducers are available for 10 to 1000 mm pipe dia


  • Municipal Water – Large pipe go with the flow surveys – Leak Detection
  • Chemical Plants – Process take a look at measurements/Toxic chemical substances
  • Utility Plants – Hot Water
  • Refineries – Cooling Towers /General Process glide tests/Maintenance
  • Pump Suppliers/Customers – Pump Performance checks/Maintenance

Clamp on Type Ultrasonic flow meter:

Insertion Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Bulk Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter-PS 3000 (Paraswanik Sroat)