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Manas, a premier steam flow meter manufacturer, offers Model SFMc-150, which is applicable for measuring flow rates of saturated and superheated steam, mass flow rates of Boiler feed Water in closed conduits. It is based on one of the time-tested principles of flow measurement, the differential pressure measurement across the orifice.

The steam flow meter is a complete engineered package to suit user requirements. Hence there is no hassle during installation. There are no moving parts and hence the unit works without problem for a long period. No wiring connections are required during installation. Installation is easy because very little care needs to be taken at the site during installation to avoid leakages.

Thermic Fluid Flow Meter/ Thermic Oil Flow Meter:

It can also be used as a heat energy transfer meter to measure thermal energy using various fluids (including thermic fluids / thermic oils) which are being used as the heat transfer medium.

Manas is a leading steam flow meter supplier with a proven track record of steam flow meters for a variety of applications in many industries.


  • Size: 1 inch to 14 inch
  • Type of flow element: Differential flow element
  • Typical turndown: 10:3
  • Density compensation: Online monitoring and compensation of density
  • Communication protocol: MODBUS, RTU.
  • Used to measure the flow of Saturated (100°C to 300°C) and Super-heated (300°C – 600°C) steam in closed conduits for pressures up to 30bar.
  • Used to measure the flow rate of boiler water in closed conduits.
  • Can be used as a heat energy transfer meter to measure thermal energy using various fluids which are being used as the heat transfer medium.


  • Engineering & Automation
  • Textiles
  • Chemical/pharmaceutical
  • Food & Drugs
  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Steel/ Aluminum
  • Sugar Factories/Distilleries


  • Various sizes of orifice assemblies are available, with accurate design calculations which ensure exact steam flow measurement
  • Standard system design makes it highly reliable
  • A complete system engineered to suit your requirements makes it the most reliable
  • Being pre-assembled, it is easy to install.

Product Details

Brand manas microsystems
Mounting Wall/Panel
Max depth 185mm
Accuracy ±0.25% of Full Scale
Pressure unit Kg/cm2 (g) or Bar (g)
Steam pressure 1 to 100 kg/cm2 (a) max
Steam temperature 100°C to 600°C max for superheated steam & 100°C to 309.6°C max for saturated steam
Enclosure Al Die-Cast/ABS plastic
Power supply 85 to 265V AC,50Hz,single phase
Comm. Port RS485 std., RS232 (Optional)
Density Compensation Online monitoring and compensation of density
Dimensions WM Type 310(L)x160(W)x105(D)
Dimension PM Type Bezel-144mm(H)x72mm(W)culout-138mm(H)x68mm(W)

Comparison between Vortex Flow Meter and Orifice Flow Meter

Sr. No. Parameter Orifice Vortex
1. Well established standards Available Not Available
2. Suitability for high pressure & temperature application Most suitable Seal fails in majority of cases after a certain duration.
3.  Installation Easy to install Critical & expensive because of the requirement of special machined pipe lengths.
4. Existing pipeline modifications for installation No modifications are required. Design is based on velocity & not on line size. As a result, line size at the site & selected flowmeter size may differ.
5. Recalibration of transmitter Easy & can be done in house Has to be done on a flow-rig and hence is expensive
6. Changes in Pressure, Temperature Taken care of during density compensation Needs to be taken care of.
7. Effects on resolution due to increase in line size No effect. Resolution decreases with an increase in line size.
8. Suitability for low-velocity measurement Suitable Stops the measurement.
9. Durability No moving parts and hence no wear and tear and virtually maintenance-free. Diaphragm-based sensor and hence is prone to wear and tear.


Accurate steam flow measurement is vital for energy efficiency, process optimization, and cost control. It helps industries monitor and manage steam consumption, detect leaks, and ensure equipment operates at peak performance.

Yes, factors like pipe diameter, flow conditions, temperature, and pressure must be considered when installing a steam flow meter. Proper placement and calibration are crucial for accurate measurements.

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