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A real IP 68 protection story at Balkrishna Paper Mill


Textiles, clothing, yarn, home furnishings, and paper are all produced by Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. (BPML). BPML is a leader in the field of coated duplex boards, which are used for packaging in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cosmetics, and health care products, readymade garments, instant food products, matchboxes, and incense sticks, among others.

There are many crucial applications in the paper mill to measure the severe process conditions. Some of these include caustic chemicals, aggressive pulp slurry with extremely high temperature and pressure. In these harsh process conditions and hash settings, the key to optimize process control and plant performance is steady and accurate measurement of flow and control of the same.

The Application

Electromagnetic flowmeters are being used for flow measurement in Balkrishna mill for many years with great success. Its key benefit is a straight and free sensor tube that produces no undesired pressure loss and being simple to clean. These flowmeters have an inciting layer for accurate measurement. As per this, BPML also deployed Manas electromagnetic flow meters in the paper-making process. With these flowmeters, they also installed a flow meter from well-known Swedish company.

The Situation

Balkrishna paper mill is in Kalyan, Mumbai area. Almost every year, a low-lying and saucer-shaped area in Mumbai is flooded. The heaviest of them was seen in the year 2005. Because of the flood, the mill was also flooded. Most of the equipment and apparatus, including the flow meters, were submerged in floodwater for three days. No one was able assess the flow meter’s condition in the floodwater.

What happened after the flood?

After three days, when everything had been settled, BPML verified the flow meters for functionality. And they were taken aback when they discovered that only Manas flow meters were working properly even below the water. Other flow meters, except Manas, were unable to function in submerged condition. This proved the IP 68 rating of Manas flowmeters. Seeing Manas flowmeters perform flawlessly underwater, Balkrishna’s team was very happy with Manas & informed us about the incidence. Balkrishna has been buying our meters regularly since then.

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