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CNG Distribution System for Automobile engine test bed

CNG engines undergo extensive testing within the automotive industry to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Various factors, such as cylinder volume, the engine’s pressure-handling capacity, and its power generation capability, directly influence the engine’s performance. The control of air-gas mixture flow affects acceleration, while efficient combustion directly impacts efficiency.

A typical CNG engine test bed would require the following systems: a fuel system, a gas system, an anti-fire system, and a cooling system. The essential equipment would include a rotational speed control system, a fuel consumption measurement system, an airflow measurement system comprising a flow meter, a filter and measurement track, and an opacimeter to measure exhaust gas opacity.

Manas supplies a pre-assembled and pre-tubed CNG distribution system for the automobile engine test bed. This system is specifically designed to meet the pressure, temperature, and flow requirements essential for the testing process. To meet the rigorous demands of the application, high-quality materials and fittings are carefully selected and integrated.

The pivotal component of this system is the CNG Flow Meter, which accurately measures the mass flow rate of CNG supplied during engine testing. This precision ensures accurate monitoring and evaluation of CNG flow, contributing to the overall assessment of engine performance.

Manas is perhaps the only Indian manufacturer with in-house facilities to manufacture, assemble, test and calibrate the CNG or any other Gas Flow Meter.

The CNG flow meters being supplied by Manas do not need any Temperature or Pressure compensation, thus making them one of the most reliable flowmeters for this application.

Manas supplied a CNG distribution system for an automobile engine test bed as a part of the engine testing setup for a renowned automobile multinational giant recently. The complete system has been commissioned successfully and is operational.

Engine Testing*

installation of TMFM

Flow Meter on CNG line*

installation of TMFM

Gas Line Flow Meter*

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