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Gas Flow Meters for Biogas applications

Manas Bio-gas flow meters are designed to satisfy the exact specifications of biogas projects, ensuring effective production and use of this renewable energy source.

We provide a biogas flow meter that works on the thermal mass flow measurement principle. As these meters measure the flow without any effect of pressure or temperature on the readings, they are a preferred choice for customers.

As these biogas flow meters directly measure mass flow, they are more reliable than the meters measuring volumetric flow. Volumetric flowmeters require pressure and temperature compensation.

Manas Bio-gas flow meters use cutting-edge sensor technology and data analytics to deliver accurate readings in real time, allowing accurate monitoring and control of the biogas production processes.

Manas has its setup of manufacturing, assembling, testing, and calibrating Bio-gas flow meters, which makes it perhaps the only Indian company to have such capability.

Being a direct mass flow meter, no pressure or temperature correction is necessary for Manas Bio-gas flow meters.

The gas flow may frequently be at low velocities. Unlike most other flowmeter types, the Manas Biogas flow meter offers outstanding sensitivity even at low velocities.

In India, nobody was manufacturing bio-gas flowmeters based on the Thermal Dispersion principle, with indigenous technology. Even today, it is mostly imported into India from the US or some other European countries. The cheaper versions are also available in some eastern countries.

Right from the beginning, Manas has worked on the strategy of developing and manufacturing such technology products in India.  Today, Manas Bio-gas flow meters are rapidly becoming an industry favorite as these are accurate, don’t need pressure or temperature compensation, and are immune to vibrations.

Bio-gas flow meter installed at site

biogas flow meter

Bio-gas plant location

bio gas plant

Site location for flow meter installation

biogas flow meter

Biogas flow meter location on the pipe

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