Celebrating the Milestone of 25 years

"25 years of togetherness! You made it possible for Manas 🙏"
Shrikant Sahasrabudhe
Managing Director, Manas Microsystems
MD Mr. Shasrabudhe

From MD’s desk

The opportunity to communicate with you through this newsletter always makes me very happy. In this issue, I would like to highlight some of our notable accomplishments and also talk about our new products.

Being one of the top businesses in the flow metering industry, Manas is constantly working to develop innovative technologies. Read in this issue more about a very small, 2mm bore electromagnetic flow meter which we recently launched. This is perhaps the smallest one produced by any Indian manufacturer. This issue also talks more about the countries that we added to our export list in this quarter. Read about a webinar that was recently organized by Cummins College on our own indigenous product, the Thermal mass Flow meter.

The team Manas deserved some relaxation after a demanding schedule and a year of work. This quarter, the Manas team decided to go on a one-day picnic. The essential break to maintain the harmony of work and pleasure. In this issue, a few smiling revelers are shown.

This year is unique for Manas since it is the silver Jubilee year. For a remarkable accomplishment that symbolizes a quarter century of Manas’s existence, Manas has dedicated this issue to the employees.

I am eager to know about your reactions and your expectation from Manas. Feel free to communicate with us.

Smallest flow meter installed by Manas

Our smallest bore electromagnetic flowmeter has just been released, and we are happy to announce it! This electromagnetic flow meter has a 2 mm bore size which is one of the smallest bore sizes in the world.

This flowmeter was specifically created to meet the needs of one of our key customers, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). At Manas, we always take pleasure in bringing cutting-edge products from India to the rest of the globe!

ISA webinar by Mr. Shrikant Sahasrabudhe

Webinar by Mr. Shrikant Sahasrabudhe

At Cummins College of Engineering in Pune, on February 23, our MD, Mr. Shrikant Sahasrabudhe, presented a webinar on the Thermal Mass Flow Meter. Students enjoyed the session which gave them a thorough understanding of flowmeters from a theoretical, designing and application perspective. This was a great chance for them to find out more about Thermal Mass Flow Meters, get answers to their queries, and connect with industry experts.

Spectacular achievement in the export business

Various customers from the world market have placed new orders after checking the performance of our products, technology, and services. Also, some others are being discussed. We are growing our presence in the international market after finding success in India. In this quarter we received orders from countries like South America and Singapore for products like Flow Indicating Totalizer and Sanitary Grade Electromagnetic Flow Meters, among other standard flowmeters.

Increasing export of Manas
Staff at Prathmesh resort

Much needed break

In this quarter, the Manas team went for a one-day picnic at Prathamesh Resorts. This was a much-needed break to maintain the work – life balance.

Team Manas was very happy with this trip and enjoyed a lot with a variety of sports and water activities.  To see some snaps of this enjoyment, click below

Installation and calibration are the next stages in maintaining the flow meter over the course of its lifetime after purchase. By taking correct actions during installations, the entire facility will save money by lowering the cost of ownership.

To help you save money and get the most out of your flowmeters, let us look at some common installation recommendations.

5 things to remember when installing a flow meter


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