Economical Flow Meter

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Economical Flow Meter
Smart Jal-Ec

Economical Flow Meter byManas offers  SMART JAL Ec Flow Meter which is an economical flow meter for simpler applications. These meters are compact, lightweight, and are commonly used in Treated Effluent, Sewage water, Wastewater, etc. This type of flow meter also works on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction.


  • No moving parts.
  • Economically Priced.
  • Do not require much upstream and downstream straight Lengths.
  • Very fast Operation / small response time.
  • Long life hence cost effective.
  • Engineered in PP.
  • Flowmeter does not obstruct flow, so it can be applied to clean, sanitary, dirty, corrosive liquids.
  • Fully Vibration proof.


  • Used in Treated Effluent, Sewage water, Wastewater
  • Can be used in clean, sanitary, dirty, or corrosive liquids.
  • Housing schemes
  • Building Automation
  • Chiller / HVAC Applications

Product Details

Meter Size DN10 to DN 50
End Connections Threaded BSP (M)
MOC of sensor PP
Electrode Material SS316/ Hastelloy C
Display Digital
Protection Class IP66
Cable Entries 2 no. for Integral transmitter. 1 no. for Remote transmitter
Media Pressure 10 Bar
Empty tube detection Provided
Output Pulse Output

4 to 20 mA dc

Accuracy ±1 % of actual flow rate between 100% to 10 % flow rate

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