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Energy efficient cooling system with BTU meter

BTU Meters with BACnet for Building Management System (BMS)

Modern buildings where data center facilities are placed already have a BMS or Building Management System. One of the important functions of a BMS is to optimize energy consumption.

Data centers generate a significant amount of heat due to the operation of servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and other hardware. Cooling systems are essential to maintaining a stable and suitable operating temperature within the data center.

Data center project companies or operating agencies are always aiming to reduce heat generation. It is imperative that an accurate calculation of the total heat load be made to be able to control it. Manas Microsystems can help in this endeavor with its BTU meters.

Some of the factors that affect heat generation are:
• Heat output of servers and other equipment
• Total number of servers and hardware components in the data center
• Lighting, people, and other sources of heat within the facility.

Data center cooling systems, such as air conditioning units or precision cooling systems, are designed to remove the heat generated within the facility. The cooling capacity is also measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour (BTU/hr). The goal is to have enough cooling capacity to offset the heat load generated by the equipment. Manas BTU meters have been proven to be an important tool used to measure the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems. These meters are widely used in commercial, industrial, and office buildings to accurately bill users for air conditioning energy usage. Manas BTU meters can be used in a variety of systems, from chilled water systems to open heating and cooling systems.

Manas BTU meters meters come with communication support like BACnet, and MODBUS with LAN Port, as these communication ports are required for today’s BMS (Building Management System)

Manas BTU meters are operational at various sites of renowned names such as NTT Global Solutions, Yotta, STT Pune, Sify, Ctrls, Webworks, Nextra, PDG valves, cdac, TCL, and STT BKC  Mumbai

Manas Microsystems is a leading BTU meter provider in India and has offered BTU meters for various projects. These were supplied through project companies for renowned names such as NTT Global Solutions, Yotta, Blue Star, Sify, Ctrls to name a few.

Our projects division is capable of handling such projects in a welll coordinated manner, as we exactly understand what the user needs.

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Energy efficient cooling system with BTU meter

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