ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certified NABL approved Fluid Flow Laboratory

We, Manas Microsystems are leading manufacturers in flow meter of various types which are used by various industries. We are devoted to helping you in keeping up the most elevated levels of exactness of your flow meters.

At Manas microsystem, we provide calibration services for other manufacturers just as our manufactured flow meter. Intermittent recalibration are regularly needed to guarantee discernible precision and repeatability. We have calibration facilities in ‘Water Flow Discipline’ as well as in ‘Air Flow Discipline’
We, Manas Microsystems are engaged in manufacturing & calibration of flow meters in ‘Water Flow Discipline’ since 1998. We use a primary method of calibration as gravimetric type, as per ISO 4185:1980.

Our Water Flow Calibration laboratory has a grounded quality framework going along to the prerequisite of the global standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Thia has been accredited by NABL since 2016. Our accredited scope of calibration in ‘Water Flow Discipline’ is from 0.2 m3/h to 250 m3/h and line sizes DN10 to DN250

Air Flow Lab –
We, Manas microsystem have recently developed the flow meter calibration facility in ‘Air Flow Discipline’ using compressed dry air as a medium and provide calibration services for air flow meters for various industries. We use the comparison method of calibration.
There are two types of reference standards which are to be used as Masters,

  • 1 – Sonic Flow nozzles
  • 2- Coriolis mass flow meter

We cover a large range of calibration in this ‘Air Flow Discipline’ which ranges
from 5 to 1725 Nm3/h and line sizes varying from DN10 to DN200

Water Flow calibration Lab
Water Flow calibration Lab 2
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