Manas Microsystems ranks among Top 10 flow meter manufacturers!!

Manas Microsystems is happy to announce that it has been selected by Industrial Outlook magazine in the list of “Top 10 Flow Meters Manufacturers” that have leveraged its industry expertise and experience in bringing innovative solutions.

We were chosen by a distinguished panel of judges including CXO’s, analysts, and the Industry Outlook editorial board after close scrutiny of the flow meter manufacturers.

The industry outlook magazine team was impressed by Manas Microsystems’ ability to give end-to-end value by controlling the complete process, including production, assembly, testing, certification, packing, and shipping.

It is important to note that the development of various types of Manas flow meters has happened in-house and this is one important aspect of our commitment to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Our in-house calibration lab for water flow and airflow makes us totally self-reliant and hence our production is very less affected by outside factors.

The variety of industries we serve include the Sugar industry, Water and Wastewater industry, Automobile industry, Dairy industry, Textile industry, Pulp, and Paper Industry.

Today, Manas flowmeters are being supplied worldwide to countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, UAE, Saudi, Kenya, Malaysia Sri Lanka, and many more.

We accept this honor with humility and consider it as a recognition of our creative and bespoke quality assurance, testing and calibration capabilities ensuring reliable products to all our clients.

Please take a moment to read Manas Microsystems’ feature profile in Industry Outlook about Top 10 Flow Meter Manufacturers.

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