Manufacturing Capacity Tripled!

In September 2021, Manas celebrated the grand new opening of the New Extended manufacturing unit, which now triples our capacity. We have happily expanded our manufacturing facility as we witness the increased demand for our products.








Manas Microsystems, founded in 1998, has been utilizing its more than two decades of experience in creating a diverse range of future-driven flow meters to perfectly grasp the needs of clients. To preserve its leadership position in the field of flow meter manufacture, Manas has been at the forefront of shifting market dynamics and technological breakthroughs.

The company is well equipped with the technology and state-of-the-art flow measurement instruments with its in-house setup of flow calibration lab. We value our professional team for its dedication, commitment, and hard work. It is only because of their support, Manas has been able to achieve this milestone.

Large manufacturing unit of Manas
Manas Micro
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