Is it possible to measure pressurized air flow?


Compressed air flow measurement

Most industrial facilities require compressed air, whether for basic operations like air tool operations or more complex tasks like pneumatic control operations. Compressed air is one of the most expensive energy sources in a factory.

What is compressed air?

Air that has been condensed or compressed to a pressure greater than that of the atmosphere is known as compressed air. You compress air by taking a certain mass of air and compressing it into a smaller space. As the gas strives to return to its original volume in this smaller space, it creates pressure.

Compressed air is costlier than steam.  Furthermore, unlike steam, which is visible at the leaking spots, it is invisible when it seeps. This leakage is also a source of energy waste. It consumes more electricity than any other type of equipment, and it accounts for a large share of all electricity consumption in any industry.


Where do we use compressed air flow?

When air is compressed in a system, it provides a good source of energy. It is preferable to electricity because it is cleaner, simpler, more convenient, and safer. As a result, compressed air is used in a variety of industrial applications. Compressed air is used in various applications, such as:

  • In the textile industry, machines include blow rooms, carding, spinning, winding, weaving, and other machinery for both control and operation.
  • Automobile industry for measuring compressed air usage.
  • To identify leaks in compressor systems
  • Compressor performance testing
  • To track energy consumption


Why is compressed air flow monitoring important?

When compressed air is not handled effectively, it can cost more than water or steam. As a result, accurately quantifying compressed airflow has essentially become more important. Compressed air flow measurement in an industrial setting offers a significant chance to save money by cutting energy costs.

Compressed air requires more electricity than other industrial equipment. Compressed air is a crucial component in any manufacturer’s production process and has a quick impact on their bottom line. Compressed air is not only costly, but it is also frequently squandered. 30 percent of compressed air is likely to be lost in any unoptimized system with problems including leaks, pressure drops, and high pressure.


Which is the best Compressed Air Flow Meter?

Thermal Mass Flow MeterThe selection of the best Compressed Air Flow Meter depends on many factors. The thermal Mass Flow Meter is found to be one of the best flow meter types, as it requires no pressure or temperature compensation and can detect the mass flow of gases, including compressed air, directly. It is accurate, simple to install, and has no moving parts. It also has good rangeability, outstanding low flow sensitivity, and minimum pressure loss, making it the ideal flow solution provider for compressed air flow measurement.


How do you measure the flow rate of Compressed Air?

One of the most popular Compressed Air Flowmeters is a Thermal Mass Flow Meter. Whenever a fluid of a certain temperature is passed over any substance hotter than the fluid, the heat of the hot substance is taken away because of forced convection by the fluid, and the temperature of that substance drops. This fall in temperature is related to the mass flow of the fluid passing over the substance. If one can measure the amount of heat taken away by the flowing fluid, one can calculate the mass flow rate.


Compressed Air Flow Meter

A thermal mass flow meter for compressed air, also called Compressed Air Flow Meter, can provide both overall consumption and time tracking, which can aid in identifying high-consumption times. Manas Thermal Mass Flow Meters will help you assign expenditures, track total consumption, and increase plant productivity. You can do this by monitoring compressed air usage rates through various facility divisions.

If you have any further questions about Compresses Air Flow Meters, feel free to contact the flowmeter manufacturer for more information.

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