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Humans consume an enormous amount of water and produce a growing amount of wastewater. This emphasizes environmentally friendly water treatment as well as the use of recycled land. Flow measurement is a fundamental and crucial control parameter for ensuring the availability of safe, high-quality water. Flowmeter technology is used for applications ranging from water storage and transmission to wastewater treatment, leak detection, and pump management.

Many of the operations at manufacturing and commercial sites depend heavily on water. Water is a valuable utility that modern facilities cannot afford to be without. It is used for anything from generating steam to cooling different systems to maintaining overall machinery. Steam is also used for various industrial processes for maintaining the temperature of the process, sterilization, cleaning, or maintaining the quality of the product (for example, paper, sugar, pharma, distillery, and textile industries).

Plant-wide process management, integrated measuring and monitoring capabilities, and data reporting are all needed for water and wastewater treatment operations. They often need efficient solutions to reduce energy use and risks to assets and the environment. Water treatment systems that aren’t working well can reduce plant productivity and reliability, as well as increase chemical and energy costs.


Increasing water needs

With a greater understanding that water supplies are minimal, there is a growing need to conserve, reuse, and recycle water, as well as establish methodologies to enhance resource management and improve water treatment performance. Water sanitation issues have arisen as a result of increased urban migration and manufacturing. Industrial and commercial companies have long struggled with waste disposal; their effluents are one of the most polluting sources of water.



How do I fulfill my water needs?

When it comes to studying how to increase the productivity of industrial plants, measuring water is important. Precise measurements are also vital for conserving clean water that can be used in daily life. Water and wastewater treatment facilities are responsible for ensuring that a safe supply of high-quality water is available. These processes involve a wide variety of flow calculation tasks, which require the highest meter precision and efficiency, as well as long-term stability and low ownership costs. Flow meters must be able to evaluate liquid in all phases, including large quantities of fluid containing suspended solids, sludge by-products, and other substances.


Measuring Water flow-

In water and wastewater treatment plants the main application of a measurement is-

–  monitoring of water flow

–  monitoring of water intake

–  detection and prevention of leaks

– water consumption optimization

–  quantity of influent water

–  quantity of discharged water


Use of flow meter-
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meters are useful for measuring, monitoring, and controlling a variety of water-related processes. Water and wastewater are among the conductive fluids and slurries that these flow meters can calculate. Low-pressure drops, high accuracy, a large turndown ratio, and excellent repeatability are all essential features of Electromagnetic Flow Meters. These meters are largely unaffected by the measurement independent of Viscosity, Density, Dissolved/Un-dissolved solids, pressure, or temperature of the flowing liquid as long as it maintains a certain minimum conductivity. This solves a major problem for water and wastewater treatment plants looking to improve overall performance. The flow meters can help operators save energy by more effectively controlling the speed of the pump by assisting in the matching of pump speed to flow rate.



While it is important to develop methods for measuring and treating water and wastewater. In all areas of water usage, increased public awareness fuels the need for secure, accurate, and reliable flow instrumentation.

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